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How to Update the SNMP / NetBurner on Windows OS

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2016 08:08PM PDT
How to Update the SNMP / NetBurner on Windows OS
1.       Connect Ethernet Cable to Laptop
2.       Connect the Other end of Ethernet cable to Expansion chassis.
3.       Plug in one power cord to the power supply (if the unit is completely turned OFF),  you would need a standby power for the SNMP /NetBurner.  If the unit is already turned ON and running, leave it as is.
4.       Set the IPv4 IP address to (Check Instructions on how to set static IP address on IPv4).
5.       Launch the AutoUpdate.jar by "double clicking" the AutoUpdate.jar
6.       Click FIND button, select Device, and then click OK.
7.       Check the Reboot box.
8.       Click on "Browse", select the XXXXX_2_0_0_APP.s19, then click “Open”.
9.       Click update
10.    Login Authentication screen will come up,  enter User Name: default and Password: magma
11.    Click OK, to initiate programming.
12.    When done programming / updating,  “Message Prompt” will come up "Programming completed without error"
13.    Click OK
14.    Click X to close the AutoUpdate.jar
To Check and verify if the update
1.       Launch Internet Explorer and type in the system IP address and press enter.
Enter User Name: default
Enter Password: magma
2.       Click OK
3.       SNMP Web GUI will come up, on the upper right hand of the web you'll see the updated version "Express I/O Manager 2.0.0
1.       If the device is not coming up, click "search again".
a.        If it still not coming up:  check the Ethernet cable make sure it is connected to the EB3450 RJ45 port and the other end is connected to Laptop Ethernet port.
b.       Check the IPv4 IP address, make sure it is set to
2.       if the programming has “Timed Out”, check the IP address of the IPV4, make sure it is set to
Configure Network Setting
Configure your computer’s network setting to correlate to the default IP address of the Magma chassis . The IP address of the Magma chassis is
Set your network settings to configure manually and enter an IP address for your computer of where 20 can really be any free number other than 10.   To verify we’ve successfully detected the Magma Expansion chassis on our network open your web browser and direct it to the IP address of the chassis that is
How to configure your network setting in Windows OS
This setting is applicable to Windows 7, 8 and Windows server.
You need to disconnect your laptop or desktop computer prior to setting up the Network adapter.
1.       Go to your computer
2.       Right click the " network icon" below the system tray
3.       Click "Open Network & Sharing Center"
4.       Click Local Area Network
5.       Click Properties    
a.      Select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)
b.      Click Properties
6.      Select "Use the following IP address"
a.      For IP address enter
b.      For Subnet mask enter
7.      Click OK


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