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Adding the Fan Blower in EB3T with Red Rocket PCIe card installed

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2016 04:58PM PDT
Do I need to install the system blower  in EB3T when running a Red Rocket Card?

The installation of the fan blower is not necessary for the EB3T if you're planning to use the Red Rocket card in conjunction with a storage controller.  Just by performing a standard test of the Red Rocket card through a series of playback video clips from the RED Rocket storage device, we measured 107⁰F inside the chassis for less than an hour. The recommended temperature specified for the card itself is between 41⁰F to 104⁰F.

The fan speed for the EB3T should be adjusted to operate at its maximum rate. By default, the fan operates at its lowest speed, this can cause the device  to overheat. With the fan operating at its full speed, it provide enough cooling to the interior of the chassis and the interior temperature is able to maintain at 92 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 2 hours. This is within the specified operating condition for the RED rocket card. So, the fan blower is an optional feature for the set-up and depends on whether the user wants to place it inside the chassis. The EB3T fan is sufficient enough to cool the items inside the chassis


If you added another PCIe card that produces more heat, to ensure the longevity of the PCIE cards, the fan blower should be included in this set-up.

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