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Host Computer unable to boot when PCI Expansion Unit is attached

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2016 04:05PM PDT


Platform: Desktop or Server


Third Party PCI card Installed in the Magma unit, Host System Failed to Boot
Host computer failed to boot when Magma Expansion unit is connected.
(perform the following)
I. Host Interface card:
1.  Re-seat Host Interface Card.
2.  Use different or available PCI slot in the Host computer.
3.  Use or try another Host interface card.

II. Check Cable
4.  Check cable connection, re-seat both end cable connections.
5.  Perform visual inspection for any physical defects.
6.  Clean cable with solvent alcohol using soft bristle brush.
7.  Swap cables or reverse both end connections.
8.  Try or use another cable of the same length.
9.  If customer is using a 1.5 meter cable, suggest using a shorter one or vice versa.

III. Disconnect Magma expansion box and cable.
10.  Leave the Host interface card in the Host computer.
11.  Power on the Host computer
12.  If the Host Computer booted-up without any problem proceed to next step.
13.  If Host failed to boot, replaced Host Interface card.

IV. Reconnect the chassis to your Host computer via Magma cable.
14.  Power on the chassis and then the Host computer
15.  If Host Computer failed to boot proceed to STEP V.

V. Third Party (non-magma) PCI cards from the Chassis
16.  Remove entire PCI cards from the Chassis.
17.  Power on the chassis ( w/o any cards installed)
18.  Power on the Host computer.
19.  If Host Computer booted-up normally proceed to next step.
20.  Plug-in non Magma PCI card one by one
                   a. Plug-in one card at a time
                   b. Power on the Host computer
                   c. If Host computer booted-up OK, plug-in the second non Magma PCI card.
                   d. Repeat the same process until all non Magma PCI cards are installed.

VI. Magma expansion board
21.  Check Magma expansion board for any evidence of damaged components
22.  Try or use another expansion board.

If you need to send in the unit for Test and Repair

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