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Computer won't boot when Magma expansion chassis is attached

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2016 02:14PM PDT

Product:  PCI to PCI Expansion Chassis, PCIe to PCIe expansion chassis
Computer: Desktop or Laptop
Operating System: Any


My computer hangs on boot when the Magma expansion chassis is attached. Disconnected the Magma cable from the host card the computer booted up.


Analysis and Solutions:
There could be a problem with the Magma devices such as the Magma host card, cable, expansion card and backplane.

A faulty cable can cause the computer to not boot when the Magma chassis is attached.

A faulty host card and expansion card can generate the same problem with the computer.

Also, a defective backplane or a faulty PCI or PCIe slots can contribute to computer to not boot up properly.


The best way to troubleshoot is to swap the Magma parts one at a time. Start replacing the cable first, then host cards and expansion cards and last the backplane.


Or you can just entirely replace the expansion unit.


If replacing the entire chassis, cable and interface card fails to address or fix the problem this means that your computer motherboard is somehow faulty or  one of your third Party PCIe or PCI devices is / are defective.


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