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My Computer Hangs During Power Up with the PCI unit is attached

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2016 08:20PM PDT
My Computer Hangs During Power Up

If your computer “hangs” while being turned on and you cannot even start, follow these simple steps to try to fix this problem:

1. Shut off the computer (first) and then the Magma expansion system and verify that all cards and cables are installed correctly. Reapply power first to the expansion system and then to the computer.

2. If it still hangs, power everything back off and try switching the PCI cables. Reapply power and see if it works.

3. If it still hangs, and you have added one or more hard drives in addition to several PCI
cards, get ready to do some math. Compute the power requirements for each attached device to ensure that you have not exceeded the power capabilities of the expansion system power supply. You can verify the capacity of your power supply by checking the label on the power supply. It will provide all necessary capacity information. If you have exceeded these limits, remove something. If you have not, continue checking.

4. If it still hangs, remove all 3rd party PCI cards and try booting up without any cards in
stalled. If it still hangs, remove the Magma PCI expansion host card from the computer and try booting up without the Magma expansion system attached.
>> If it boots up OK without the Magma expansion system attached, call Magma Technical
>>If it still hangs, the problem is in the computer and not with the Magma expansion system or the 3rd party PCI cards.
>> If it boots up OK without any 3rd party PCI cards installed, try adding only one card and see if it boots up.
>> If it boots up OK with one card in it, shut it down (in the proper order, of course) and swap cards. Repeat this until all cards have been tested. If they all test OK, then add them back one at a time until you find the combination that doesn’t work, or you are running fine. If you find a bad card, call Technical Support. If you do not see any issues,  congratulations, you fixed it!

>>If it still hangs up, try a different card.  This one is probably bad (or has driver problems). If the second cards works, troubleshoot the first card. If the second
card also fails, call Technical Support for assistance


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