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My PCI card does not work in the expansion unit

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2016 09:49AM PDT
Product: PCI Expansion Unit

Follow these simple troubleshooting steps to resolve typical 3rd Party PCI card problems.

The following additional steps might also help when the above troubleshooting steps for fail to resolve your problem:

1. Shut down the computer followed by the Magma expansion chassis.

2. Remove the PCI card displaying a problem.

3. Replace the “problem card” with a simple PCI card, such as an Ethernet card that has drivers built into the operating system.
(U sing this “type of card” will avoid any future questions about drivers
possibly being installed incorrectly.)

4. Turn on the Magma expansion chassis, and then turn on the computer.

5. For Windows: Next, open the Device Manager (View by Connection selection).

a.If you see a “Yellow Bang” on a device, the problem is with the 3rd party PCI card or the card drivers. You should go to the Windows Error Codes section of this chapter to learn how to troubleshoot using error codes.

b. If you see a “Yellow Bang” on the PCI standard PCI to PCI bridge, the problem may be with the Magma expansion system. Please contact Magma Technical Support for further assistance or you may need to send your expansion system for repair.

6. For MAC: Check Apple System profiler. On newer Mac OS Operating systems such as 10.7 and above, the Magma expansion system will be transparent to the OS. Only the PCI card will show up, if it is working or if it is supported by the Operating System.


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