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How to troubleshoot EB3T and PCIe cards on Mac Computers

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2016 09:59AM PDT

Product: EB3T
Application Thunderbolt compatible PCie card
Computer: Laptop
Model: MacBook Pro and latest
Operating System: 10.7.X-10.8X




PCIe card is not detected. No updates or changes were made to the card and to the systems.


For troubleshooting do the following

  1. Shutdown the laptop, Shutdown the chassis, pull power cord.
  2. Unplug the TB cable from our EB3t and the laptop.
  3. Make sure the card is in the slot next to the Thunderbolt card. This is just to ensure it trains to x8 gen 2.
  4. Try and ensure you see the gold fingers are firmly seated, this chassis is a little challenging mechanically and you may need to push on the bracket of the red card to make sure the card gets seated properly.
  5. For debugging, remove the EB3T top. Plug the power cord , plug the Thunderbolt cable into the MacBookPro or mini in and you should see 2 lights on our Thunderbolt card. Power up the laptop, you should see 4 lights on top of our TB card.
  6. Go to Thunderbolt in about this Mac then click on PCI Cards and check if any PCI cards are detected. The PCI cards should say tunnel – yes or not - no.
  7. Verify PCie slot
    Can you take out the PCIe card, move to another slot, shutdown and reboot.  Check pci and if no cards show up.
  8. Try another Mac computers.
  9. Swap the card with a known good card.

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