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Laptop PC is not recognizing the PCIe card in my EB3T unit

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2016 10:05AM PDT
Product: EB3T
Computer: Laptop
Operating System: Windows 7 and Windows 10

I've connected my EB3T to a Thunderbolt equipped Laptop PC running Windows 10 but my card is not recognized. What should I do?

You need to install the Intel Thunderbolt Software prior to connecting and using the Magma Thunderbolt expansion unit or any external Thunderbolt devices.  Without the Intel Thunderbolt Software loaded, the computer / OS will have problem detecting the Magma EB3T and the cards inside of it.
Check your laptop first, see if the Thunderbolt Software is installed or not.
Go to Control Panel>> Go to Programs and Features. Look for Thunderbolt Software.


Download the Intel Thunderbolt Software from Intel or from the laptop’s manufacturer website.
Go to Intel Website and download the Thunderbolt Driver, this is a full version

If the Thunderbolt Software is not installed, read the following steps:
  • Open Folder
  • Open Winx64, depending on the OS, you may select Win32 or Winx64
  • Select and run Thunderbolt Software
  • Welcome to Thunderbolt(TM) Software Setup Wizard pops up, click "I Accept......."
  • Click Install
  • Please attach your device to this computer....popup, click OK
  • Completed the Thunderbolt(TM) Software Setup Wizard, click Finish
  • Connect your Thunderbolt device to Laptop.  The power supply must be connected to Magma thunderbolt unit first before connecting the Thunderbolt cable.
  •  If this is the first time you are connecting a new Thunderbolt device, a "New Thunderbolt device Have been attached" will pop up, click OK
  • Do you want this APP to make changes, click OK
  • “Approve Thunderbolt Devices Attached".....message will pop up, select from the drop down list “always connect” and click OK
  • Thunderbolt ICON will show up on the system tray, click it to open and see the " Attached Thunderbolt Devices"

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