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Hotplug function for the individual slots on EB7-x8-G2 is not working

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2016 02:21PM PDT
Product: ExpressBox Units X8 - Gen2
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server
Computer: Desktop / Workstation / Server
Here is an actual support issue:
I am trying to bring up a new system and I am not able to hotplug the individual slots. Steps I did to bring the system up are below:
- Installed empty chassis, booted Windows XP 32 and let it detect the new pcie hardware.
- Installed PCIe cards into the slots 1 and 3
- Loaded drivers for cards 1 and 3
- Installed the Expansion_DriverHP_2_6.exe driver
- Restarted the system
- Tried to hot plug slot 1 and 3 and nothing happens
The first board I used is one of our newer boards, so I went back to boards that worked in the gen1 frame with no luck.

I installed Windows 7 and tried to use the slot power buttons with no success. Do I need to do something else to get this feature to work?

The Expansion_Driver_HP_E12_2_6.exe (hot plug driver for XP) does not work with EB7-X8-GEN2. The work around for this is to have our customer run Windows 7, and it requires no Hot Plug driver to be installed.
....It seems that the motherboard may not support the hotplug.  In some cases (server MBs) or some specific motherboards Win 7 automatically loads in the hp drivers.  In others it doesn’t.
Hot plug will be managed by BIOS instead of being managed by the Operating System
If the BIOS does not support Hot-Plug, then the hot-plug feature / capability on any Expansion units will not function at all.
Here is a technical information  that from Microsoft Developers concerning the Hot-Plug implementation.

This is the actual response from Microsoft:
here is a direct link to technical data

“Hotplug will actually (probably) work correctly even without _OSC support, but hotplug will be managed by BIOS instead of being managed by the OS.  That is, none of the PCIe features in the OS will run.  Those features will be managed by BIOS (or not at all) instead.  I think that’s what he’s saying below, but I wasn’t sure.  Just wanted to make sure we’re clear.

The logic behind this decision is pretty straightforward.  _OSC is a method to negotiate ownership of the bits in PCI configuration space that manage hotplug.  If _OSC is not implemented, then we cannot manipulate those bits (according to spec).”


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