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Error Code 12 on PCI and PCIE card using Ec54-to-PCI chassis on Laptop runing Windows

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2016 04:12PM PDT

Product: 2slot,1slot, 4slot + Ecard54
Computer: Laptop
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows7 and Windows Vista


Error Code 12 on PCI o PCIe card:


For Windows XP use _Driver_NO_HP_E12_2_6.exe driver and reduce to 2gig

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista (32bit and 64bit) reduce to 2gig Windows Registty Patch

The problem is pretty straightforward the endpoint of the rendering card requires more than 32MB (be it 64MB as well) “Prefetchable Memory” (PM) address space on the local bus and 1 MB of “non-prefetchable Memory” (M) address space.  The first issue is that only 2MB of PM is being allocated for the ExpressCard slot. 



The endpoint of the rendering card resides behind a Pericom PCI-E to PCI chip (this is a very common architecture for vendors building PCI-E cards using their older PCI designs).  The Second problem is that the Pericom bridge is not providing any PM to the endpoint.

The MS driver PCI.sys scans the local bus and provides resources to devices attached to the bus based on the values provided by the
BIOS.  The bus filter driver mentioned above will make adjustments to the bus balancing in order to fix any deficiencies in the BIOS. 




There are two possible reasons why this driver did not “work out of the box”: 

1.  Given that 4 Gig of RAM is installed in the machine it is possible that there really isn’t enough bus space left over – solution: uninstall 2 Gig of RAM
2. The BIOS “disabled” the Prefetch Memory window, if this is the case PCI.SYS will not allocate any PM and the bus filter will not have anything to adjust. – solution: there is a mechanism in the bus filter driver for making manual changes to the PCI configuration space before PCI.SYS scans it.

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