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Error Code 12 on PCIe card using ExpressBox1

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2016 04:20PM PDT

Product:  ExpressBox1
Computer: Laptop
Operating System: Windows 7


Getting an error code 12 on PCIE video card. Using an expressBox expansion unit with the PCIE video card installed, and connecting the ExpressBox expansion to Laptop running Windows 7. The laptop has 4ig of Ram.


Do the following:
1. Reduce the size of 4gig RAM to 2gig of ram , try that first.
2. Update the latest bios for the laptop.
3. With Windows 7, you can try the following : <a href=""></a>
I have included 3 files that you will need to rename .txt to .reg and merge with Windows 7 registry. Do not merge with XP
4. Try with other brand and model laptop like HP and test with 2GB first.



There are several conditions to use all 4GB memory on a notebook that has 4GB of memory installed.

• The chipset must support 8GB of address space.
The Intel chipsets PM965 and GM965 and newer or AMD64 CPU's could address up to 8GB.
e.g. the Intel chipset family 945 did only support up to 4GB address space.
• The CPU must support 64 bit mode instruction set (Intel? EM64T or AMD64) .
For Intel CPU this could be checked on the Intel website: <a href=""></a>
• The BIOS must support the memory remapping feature.
The most newer BIOS versions are supporting this feature.
•A 64-bit version of Windows operating system.

Like Intel chipset 945 does not support more than 3GB or memory. So, even if the bios supports it and have 64bit OS, it can’t support over 4GB still.

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