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SunSparc Server Machine running Solaris crashes on boot when Magma EB42U is attached (with cards installed)

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 11:21AM PDT

Product: EB4-2U
Computer Platform: Sun Sparc Machine m5000 and M4000 and other M-series
Operating System: Solaris 10
PCIe Card: XVR2500


SunSparc Server Machine running Solaris panics on boot when Magma EB42U is attached (with PCIE card installed)


Below is an example of the actual scenario:

I set the dip switch back to x4 and removed all the XVR-2500's and the system did boot up ok,and I am able to see the Magma box from the OS. The LED 0 light is on. I tried just one XVR-2500 in slot 1 and the system panic'd again. I tried an XVR-300 and a SCSI card in the Magma box and they both caused the system to panic also.

I don't know if Mark explained to you that we had a 1U Magma box working on another
M5000 ok. We just can't seem to get this 2U box and card working. Do you know if this is the same pci-e Magma card that we used with the 1U box? (It was a loaner from Magma). We alsohave the same problem with the same Magma configuration on a Sun M4000 system.



What happens is that the root complex should train down, but instead samples the x8 PRSNT2# pin (pin B48) as '0' (since it is physically a x8 card) and attempts to train to x8; when it cannot, it stops and the machine locks / crashes during boot up.



You can do Step 1 or Step 2


Try masking off the upper 4-lanes on the host card including the 8-lane PRSNT2# with kapton tape or use a x4 to x8 riser card and see if that changes anything.  This area starts at pin 33. See attached image.



Install the third Party PCIe card inside the Host Machine, see if this causes the same problem.

If it shows the same problem, then most likely the  issue is with the PCIEslot (X8).



Problem Found:

Sun servers don't work with x4 expansion systems or even x4 cards; they expect only x8 for some reason. The PCIE slot on the Sun Server machine is X8 and it only expect to work with a X8 PCIE card or Host Card. it does not down train to X4 or lower.



Use EB2-X8 or the new EB4-1U (X8).

Since they are x8 and have the same internal die in the PCIe switch the EB4-1U (Pollux 2) uses coming out in August.



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