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GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) Shellshock Vulnerability

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018 10:27AM PDT
GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) is reporting the discovery of a critical vulnerability affecting the common command-line shell used in many Linux/UNIX operating systems and Apple’s Mac OS X. This could allow malicious code to be attached by remotely executed shell commands in OS environment variables.

A very specific set of circumstances and factors must be in place for this to be possible. SanDisk Fusion software and appliances are not configured in such a way that would allow the Shellshock Vulnerability to be exploited.

Although Fusion software and appliances are not directly affected by the Shellshock Vulnerability, best security practices dictate that affected Linux distributions should be updated with the appropriate patches.

SanDisk is currently patching all affected Linux Distributions and will be releasing versions of its software with the appropriate patches applied in the near future. These distributions include:
  •      Fusion ioTurbine Management Server
  •      Fusion ION

For additional information on the systems and configurations that are affected by the Shellshock Vulnerability, see:


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