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How to First boot setup, Ion accelerator configuration (2.4.1 Configuration Guide)?

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018 04:22PM PDT
ION Accelerator™ Appliance 2.4.1
Configuration Guide

The ION Accelerator software comes pre-installed on the appliance

The following tasks are handled in the First Boot of the ION Accelerator:

• License Agreement

• Network configuration, including management node and HA (if enabled)

• Date and time setup

• Cluster setup (if the HA feature is licensed)

• Password configuration

The screen examples shown in this section assume an HA configuration. If you are using ION
Accelerator in standalone (non-HA) mode, skip over the steps that apply to HA configuration

If you need to adjust First Boot settings after the First Boot process has completed, use the
Network settings dialog (see Network in Configuring ION Accelerator Settings) or the setup:lan
command in the CLI (see setup:lan in the Command-Line Reference section of the ION Accelerator CLI Reference)

ION Accelerator Configuration

After installation, the appliance OS scans for existing network cards, and detected controllers are
displayed. The sample screen below shows an example of detected controllers:

For standalone mode, ION Accelerator supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols; however,
only one of these protocols can be running at a time. For example, if a QLogic and a Mellanox
card are installed in the same appliance, the standalone install of ION Accelerator will fail to
recognize one of the two cards and will not display that card in the GUI.

1. Select OK to proceed. The Storage protocol dialog appears, with the detected protocoldisplayed as the default.

2. Select the storage protocol you want to use with ION Accelerator, and then select OK..

The High Availability dialog appears, with the default determined by whether HA hardware was detected:

3. Select Enable if you want to enable HA mode (requires the ION Accelerator HA option), or Disable to use standalone mode, and then select OK.

The ION Configuration Summary dialog appears, with a summary of the selected protocol
and mode (HA or standalone).

4. Select Yes to proceed with the ION Accelerator configuration
Select No to return to the Detected Controllers dialog (beginning of this section). This
gives you the opportunity to review and correct configuration choices


1. Check the “Yes” entry at the bottom of the screen to accept the agreement.

2. Select Next to continue

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