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Installing ION from liveCD (4.0.0)

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018 11:13AM PDT
About installing ION software
Before installing ION software with the live CD ISO image, ensure that you have the following network and fabric configuration in place:
• A DHCP server configured with DHCP reservations to provide IP addresses to any ION systems booting on the network.
• Network cable for ION management plugged into the first Ethernet port (em1). ION only configures the first detected Ethernet port to DHCP.
• InfiniBand/SRP initiators directly connected to the ION system.
• The DOMs are set to write-able mode.

Installing ION from liveCD
To install ION from the live CD:
1. From the customer support site download the live CD ISO image for the ION software.
2. Create a bootable installation DVD from the live CD ISO image.
3. Put a copy of the live CD ISO image on a USB storage device or put a copy at network location that can be accessed by the ION system you are installing.
4. Power on the ION server and boot the machine from the bootable installation DVD you created.
The install screen displays.

5. Select ION_Accelerator-4.•.•.-•••

ION boots from the liveCD.

6. After the system boots, log in from the console as user root. The default password
is linux.

7. Run the lsscsi command to identify the DOMs where you will install ION software.
The output of the command may look something like this:

# lsscsi
[6:0:0:0] disk ATA SDLF1CRM-016T-1H ZH06 /dev/sda
[7:0:0:0] disk ATA SDLF1CRM-016T-1H ZH06 /dev/sdb
[8:0:0:0] disk ATA SATADOM-MV 3ME3 25 /dev/sdc
[9:0:0:0] disk ATA SATADOM-MV 3ME3 25 /dev/sdd

8. Install the ION software on the first DOM using the following command
/usr/share/ion/install_livecd <device name> <iso_file | url to iso_file>

device name — is the device name of the DOM where you want to install the
software. For example, /dev/sdc

iso_file | url to iso_file — is the file name of the live CD ISO file on a USB storage
device or the network location of the live CD ISO file. For example,


The command may look something like this:
/usr/share/ion/install_livecd /dev/sdc

9. After the software is installed on the first DOM, repeat the command in step 8 and install the ION software on the second DOM.

10. Remove the bootable DVD from the system.

11. Set the latch on the DOMs to read-only mode.

12. Ensure that the BIOS is set to boot from one of the DOMs where you installed the ION software.

13. Restart the system.

After the system restarts, you can log in and continue configuring the system.
For additional, optional, configurations see Initial configuration

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