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Configuring iSCSI Split-Port Capability

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018 01:19PM PDT
In the Network Settings screen, each network card has its own unique Bus ID and MAC address. (The second port on the same card does not show the Bus ID.)
With three Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards installed in slots 1, 2, and 3, the corresponding bus IDs are as follows:
• Slot# 1  bus ID 0000:41:00.0
• Slot# 2  bus ID 0000:44:00.0
• Slot# 3  bus ID 0000:43:00.0

Below is a sample two-node HA configuration, using a cluster interconnect setup in split-port mode:
• Node1, slot 1, port1 (  Node2, slot1, port1 (
• Node1, slot 2, port1 (  Node2, slot2, port1 (

All other ports are configured as normal for iSCSI. Below is a sample screen before the port configuration is done.

1. Edit the first port with the correct IP address for port splitting, as explained in the bullet list above.

2. Set the MTU value for the port:

3. Repeat the previous two steps for each of the ports.

After split-port configuration, results for the first node will look similar to this:

After split-port configuration, results for the second node will look similar to this:

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