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How to Connect to an iSCSI Target Using Windows 7

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018 02:09PM PDT
Step-by-step how to connect iSCSI targets using the Microsoft iSCSI initiator in Windows 7

PART 1: Connecting iSCSI target with Windows iSCSI initiator

1. To launch the iSCSI initiator in Windows 7, please go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
2. On the iSCSI Initiator Properties page, click on Discovery, enter the IP address of Thecus NAS and click OK to proceed. Please refer to the picture below:

3. Next, click on Targets to display and select the available iSCSI targets you wish to connect and click the Connect button to continue. A Connect to Target window will pop up. Click OK to continue

*If you have enabled authentication on the iSCSI target, please click on the Advanced... button to configure CHAP Log on Information.

4. Upon successful connection, the status will change to Connected as shown in the picture below:

Part .2 Format iSCSI target on Windows

Now that the iSCSI target has been successfully connected, the iSCSI target will be displayed as an Unallocated Disk on Windows. Next, you will need to make the disk online and format it before you can start using it as a local disk to store data.

1. Right click on Computer and click on Manage to open the Computer Management page

2. Click on Disk Management on the Computer Management page to display current disks information. On this page, you will see the iSCSI target now displayed as Disk 1.

3. Right click on Disk 1 and click Online to activate the disk.

4. Right click on Disk 1 again and the New Simple Volume Wizard window will popup as shown below: